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一位叙利亚难民的生活字数 幸运的住进了"豪宅"

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I have been so lucky to be living here for the last year. My parents, my brothers and sisters, I've sent them so many pictures and they don't believe it because for me this house is a place where I used to see in a movie, in an old English movie. The only reason that I left Syria and my brother who's two years older than me left was the government army, which we didn't want to join. We didn't want to hurt people, we didn't want to kill people.


That's not us. This is not what our religion taught us. I was hoping to come back in six months time. So, I was like: 'Mum I'm going to see you in six months time.' But here I am after seven years and I didn't see her. I started my journey through Turkey, Greece, the boat. Complete horror and just, just pure fear. We ended up in the Calais Jungle. The most horrendous place I've ever been in Europe. I've got to the UK, applied for asylum. I met this really nice lady who helped me when I was having trouble with accommodation and I met with the Chair and Trustee of this house, of Southside House. I have always felt lucky in this place. So mostly I work in the garden. I think they say I have green fingers. Green fingers? Is that right? I grew up in a very beautiful farm house with my parents, with animals. And I used to help my mum in the garden. My mum grew vegetables.


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